Tommy Palmer CV -


Since studying Interactive Multimedia Design at University I have focused my career on web development by working with startups, collaborating with clients, building products and speaking at community events.

I’ve spent 5 years working professionally in the web industry and after I graduated University I joined Rumble Labs as a Web Developer. My work there involved crafting web applications for both ourselves, and for clients. Now at Chillibean, I work on the development of the range of products they have such as Chillivault along with internal Applications

Studying Interactive Multimedia Design at the University of Ulster allowed me to learn both web development and design. The course covered web, UX and interaction design with a large focus on clean and valid code whilst in my own time I learnt Ruby on Rails as a way to bring more of my ideas to fruition and to learn how to build larger and more complicated web applications than what I was building in University.

During the course, I was able to secure an industrial placement with Bluecube Interactive, one of Ireland’s leading web design agencies and worked on such clients as Aer Lingus and Bewley’s.

I also attend a lot of local web and design events such as Refresh Belfast. I was invited to speak at the inaugural Belfast Ruby, which was attended by over 90 people. Following this event, I was asked to speak to the 1st year class from Interactive Multimedia Design on my career and my path through University. I’ve also been to a number of conferences such as Build and New Adventures, which were focused on web design and Ruby conferences such as Scotruby and Euruko.

To become a top notch developer I think it is important to constantly expand my knowledge through personal projects and contribute to back to the community, something I’ve done through talks and writing. I would hope to continue this as my career progresses and expand my reach into contributions to the open source software community.

With my background in design, knowledge of UX, and ability with Ruby on Rails, I enjoy development which combines front end development and how it interacts with the back end stack of a web application.

Whilst I am focussed on Ruby on Rails, I am a versatile programmer and have started to further may knowledge into other languages and frameworks such as Sinatra, Backbone.js and C.

In my spare time I enjoy music, playing videogames and reading.

Education & Qualifications

Second Class Honours Upper Division BSc Interactive Multimedia Design Distinction - BTEC National Diploma in Software Development for IT Practitioners 7 GCSE C grades including Maths and English



  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Haml
  • Scss
  • Ruby
  • Ruby on Rails


  • Photoshop
  • Git
  • UX
  • Heroku
  • Responsive Design
  • Twitter Bootstrap


  • JavaScript
  • Coffeescript
  • Sinatra
  • jQuery
  • Highcharts
  • TDD
  • Cucumber
  • RSpec


  • Ember
  • Backbone

Recent Work:


As a Developer working on GOV.UK, I’ve worked on many different parts of the stack including the front end, search backend and a publishing App for editors. Being a member of the Product Gaps team, I was a part of the larger Transition project which was involved in moving over 300 agencies and arms length bodies to GOV.UK. As we moved organisations, we made sure that all the needs of their uses was fulfilled by something already built for GOV.UK, if this wasn’t the case our team was to build it.

The two main products I worked on were Finders (faceted searching over lists of documents) and Manuals (long form documents grouped by a parent or multiple parent documents) along with the publishing App for both of these formats, Specialist Publisher. As a generalist, I’ve been able to work on both the backend and frontend portions of these Apps sometimes pairing with a more experienced backend developer or a dedicated frontend developer.

More recently I was on the team preparing GOV.UK for the UK General Election. This involved a number of changes to our Publishing Applications along with a large refactor of Policies on GOV.UK by porting them to use the Finders platform.

Lisson Gallery

Lisson is an art gallery with numerous showrooms in the UK and other countries. In late 2012 they came to Rumble Labs looking for a new site to showcase their artists and exhibitions. The new site needed to be backed by a CMS and be fully responsive down to a small mobile screen along with being able to handle retina images on high DPI screens.

My role, involved coding the front end of the site, including the layouts for the low screen size and assisting in the development of the admin interface towards the end of the project.


Omgito is a social platform for capturing, sharing and discussing TV moments. I was responsible for the majority of the front and back end development on the project. The application encompesses a number of features typical of a social network, such as users interacting with each other, activity feeds and posting to other social platforms (Twitter and Facebook).


Mantle is an upcoming platform for pension fund management. In order for the client to obtain funding, a static demo had to be made. We decided to create front end code that could be reused in the final product so I created a small Rails App and used Haml, Scss and Coffeescript for everything, including the integration of Highcharts. As a demo, it also needed to work offline and be able to fit within the screen of an iPad.

Digital Circle

Digital Circle is a site for Northern Ireland's Creative Industry to share events, discussions, job openings and other information. I worked on the front end build of the project whilst assisting with some of the back end development that fed data to the views.


Government Digital Service - Junior Developer: Feb 2014 - Current

Working as part of Transition, I worked on the Product Gaps team to build new Applications for Government Agencies moving to GOV.UK.

Chillibean - Front End Developer: June 2013 - Jan 2014

At Chillibean, I worked on improving the Front End of their main product, Chillivault, an asset management platform and introducing new features that were requested. I also worked on an internal Application for monitoring uploads and overview of Chillivault.

Rumble Labs - Web Developer: April 2011 - April 2013

At Rumble Labs, I've worked on a number of different projects, mostly focusing on web applications for clients, but I have also worked on Rumble's web applications, (Onotate and other pirvate internal applications). My duties include both the front and backend development on client projects. I've been the major contributor in the development of a number of projects including social networks and data dashboard applications.

My skillset of being able to write clean and valid markup, CSS and JavaScript in preprocessors allows me to work on the majority of the user facing code whilst my knowledge of Rails lets me build out a good portion of the main functionality of the application. Although my experience of Rails was limited when I started, with each project I have learnt a lot by working on a number of tasks that challenge my abilities.

Apple Retail - Specialist: September 2008 - May 2011

At Apple, my job involved sales of all of the Apple product range along with solving technical issues and answering questions from customers. During my time there, I became one of the most experienced staff members and I used my knowledge of web development and the creative industries to better help my customers.

Bluecube Interactive - Placement Student June 2009 - 2010

Bluecube Interactive is part of the AV Browne group, one of Ireland's leading advertising agencies. Working in the Belfast office with some of Ireland's largest companies, I contributed to projects which including websites, flash banners, HTML email campaigns and other marketing materials.

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