So you might have heard...

I'm becoming a Rumbler.

Recently, it become public knowledge that I have donned a lab coat and joined the team at Rumble Labs as a Web Developer.

A few weeks ago they announced their switch to Rails with David Rice joining the company. After playing with Rails on and off over the final 2 years of University, Dave offered me some part time work just after Build 2010 to help increase my Rails knowledge. It was a fantastic opportunity and helped me get to a more comfortable level with web development in Ruby in order to tackle my final project.

My project was called Today The World Is and was concieved as a different way to look at the news. I knew from the start that I was doing it all in Rails simply because that's what I knew. As I worked on it, it started to become a live infographic fulfilling the same purpose. It got a few thousand hits and I was pretty proud of it. It taught me a lot about Ruby, Rails and Web Development in general. My project got me a 2:1 in my degree and over the the last four years I've learnt a massive amount.

I'm glad to be finished Uni (even if I will miss the Friday lectures with Nik and Chris of the Standardistas), but I'm even more glad to be joining a team like Rumble. It's the end of my education and the start of my professional career and I couldn't be happier about where I am.

Until next time.