I work with Rails and Sinatra, but my skills extend between backend and frontend development. I studied Interactive Multimedia Design at University of Ulster and finished the course with a Second class honours, upper division.

I work at Deliveroo as a Developer. I used to work for GDS, Chillibean and Rumble Labs.

Here is my CV.

Below is some of the work I've done.


Deliveroo is a food delivery platform operating in hundreds of cities in 13 countries. I have worked various projects on the Consumer side the business such as porting the Menu page from Angular to React, expanding the business to allow Restaurants to do their own delivery and building APIs to enable client engineers to deliver features.


GOV.UK is billed as the best way to find government services and information for anyone living in the UK. Joining as part of a team on the Transition project, our work involved the development of several new applications and formats so that multiple government organisations could transfer their Users to GOV.UK. I mostly worked on the Finder format, which was initially built for multiple organisations to publish their specialist content such as CMA, AAIB and DFID.

After Transition and our firebreak month, I joined a team helping to prepare the site for the UK General Election. As part of that team, I ported Policies to live within the new Finder format. After the Election, I worked as part of a team looking to improve interactions with local Government before moving onto rewriting one our publishing Applications for 3 months.

Lisson Gallery

Lisson is a gallery based in London. Founded in 1967 is represents a number of artists in both London and Milan. They came to Rumble Labs looking for a new site, with the requirements focussing on good imagery on both HiDPI screens and on smaller scale devices. Designed by another company, I was responsible for implamenting the design in code and finding solutions to UX problems that arose only when the site was being used in a browser. I also assisted with the development of the Admin area using Mercury Editor.


OMGITO, or Oh My God I'm Totally Obsessed, is a social network based around the discussion of moments in TV shows. In 2012, Rumble Labs was given the task of developing the idea into a functional prototype. My responsibility, was working on the front end development of the application whilst contributing my ideas on the continual reworking of the UX.

digital circle

Digital Circle represents the digital content industry in Northern Ireland. In 2011 Rumble Labs won the tender to create the new version of the site. I mostly worked on crafting the front end views. It was the first large Rails site I worked on and the first project I worked on as part of Rumble Labs.


Shortly after I joined…

…Rumble Labs began work on a new, long overdue, site. Originally created with Nesta, we decided to port it to Rails a few months after it's launch. The site was also the first responsive site I worked on, with the pages having significant layout changes when viewed on a mobile device.

Is It Shorts Weather Today?

After coming up with the idea as a joke with a friend, I spent a few hours one Sunday putting it together. It was originally a Rails app that used Barometer to query the city name provided by the user. Recently, I moved the logic over to JavaScript and threw away the Rails code, deciding to serve it via Sinatra instead.