I'm a Full Stack Engineer who likes working in multi-disciplinary teams to solve real world problems for users.

Wanna chat? - hi@tommyp.org


I like seeing how I can use two APIs to make something fun and I wanted to build a side project, but I couldn't think of any ideas. I ended up building a side project idea generator so that I don't have this problem in future.

It was a fun little project that I built over a few days and I took the opportunity to get a domain hack just for it.


I'd played with Elixir a little bit, but decided during an on-call shift to build something over the week with it. Being inspired by another site I wanted to build a sweary travel guide.

I like building projects that mash APIs together in fun ways and I also like eating and drinking my way through cities, so it was a really fun side project.


When I started at Deliveroo, Engineering was 40 people and the whole codebase was in one Application. Now, Engineering is nearly 10 times as big and although we still have a Rails monolith, there's a lot of microservices in various languages in different parts of the stack.

I've worked on a lot of different projects there, like porting the Menu page from Angular to React, allowing Restaurants to deliver food themselves and decomping the listing page to a new Go Application. I even worked on a change that the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, commented on.


Shortly after I moved to London I joined the team at the Government Digital Service working on GOV.UK. It was one of the best experiences of my life. I learnt how to work as a Software Engineer and not just write code.

Initially, as a part of the Transition project, my team and I were responsible for building Applications to support Government Departments from moving their content from their own, disparate sites, to the unified GOV.UK site. This involved building a publishing application and the public facing application for organisations like the Competition and Market Authority.

After that was finished, my team was disbanded into a number of different teams. I ended up joining the team which was working on preparing the site for the upcoming General Election. This involved tagging content with the Government it was published under, adding the ability to end a Government and publishing political content under the same Application as Government Departments.